photomachinechallengeThe 21 day Photo Challenge

  • 21 consecutive days of photo taking
  • Take 5 minutes or less out of your day
  • Use what equipment you have
  • See the world in a new way
  • Be inspired
  • Challenge yourself
  • Share and join the community

Why a 21 day photo challenge?

I have been independently taking photos professionally for 8 years, and thought it would be fun to share and take pictures with a community of people that all have one thing in common, the openness to be challenged and try something new.

I developed this challenge with specific set dates for everyone to start and end. I have now decided to make this available to everyone so people can do this independently and also share their work online in a community setting.

What was most incredible to me was seeing the beautiful pictures people took from all different backgrounds, experiences and different parts of the world. We had people participating in Australia, Hawaii, US and Canada.  The background of photography was from total newbie using their phone to pros with full frame digital SLR’s.

This guided challenge has been incredible and is available to download and take independently.  You can download the printable PDF version for free by signing up to my monthly newsletter.


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