My main vision at a wedding shoot is to capture true emotions within the moment as accurately as I can. Technically I focus on clean lines, unique framing and optimal camera exposure. I like to focus on two to three key emotions to capture and tell your story through out the wedding. Usually the key emotions and themes are love, tender moments and joy. I will also consult with you prior to the wedding if there are additional key words to think of while capturing the special day. (be clear and less repetition, cut out).

I approach a wedding as a story with an intro, body and conclusion. I develop an outline from the itinerary and place it into one of those three sections.

My style for a wedding photo-shoot is to capture the candid moments in a non-invasive way. I like to be out of the way as much as possible during the ceremony, even though I’m right up front to capture all the action.

During portrait sessions, I will pose and move you around in a way that is relaxed and natural. If you have a list of must have family portraits, I always request a family member or friend be in charge of gathering and recruiting and working from the list.

I develop thumbnails of inspiration and ideas catered to your style and wedding before hand, so I will come to the wedding with ideas for wedding portraits that will suit you, be timeless and beautiful.

For the wedding candid shots, I capture what is there, as it is and focus on framing and clean lines. I do my best to give it an artistic feel and to capture beauty in all moments.



  • I do research on the locations,
  • Scout the locations for the lighting situations,
  • Draw up lighting plan
  • Draw up thumbnails of potential shots,
  • Create an inspiration photo board based on the details and style of your wedding,
  • Go through day of itinerary,
  • Draw up a wedding capture plan and review with second shooter
  • Provide additional support and consultation to clients
  • Equipment prep
  • Research potential portrait locations

Day of photographing approach

  • Go to venue on time,
  • Set up for the different lighting situations, review itinerary,
  • Capture images within the time frame given,
  • Provide posing and portrait suggestions,
  • Capture things as they are, tender moments and expressions

After the wedding 

  • Download the images
  • Back up the images
  • Edit the images (I do 4-5 rounds of editing)
  1. I do a loose edit of all the images I like
  2. I review and do minor edits such as colour, contrast and cropping
  3. I go through the images that are too similar and discard them
  4. I go through and pick the top images that tell the story in the most beautiful way that sticks to the key emotions and themes,
  5. I select the images that need more retouching and do an intensive re-touching process to clean up the images.